Carolyn Reynolds

Carolyn has been painting, drawing and sculpting since she was a child.
Graduating from University of California Irvine with a BFA Fine Art and Art History, Carolyn believes her nature themed pieces bring a healing quality, as well as a sense of well being, harmony, and tranquility through her subject matter and use of color.

Having been commissioned to do an Asian themed art piece Carolyn fell in love
with Gold and Silverleaf as a medium. She now works almost exclusively with the medium.

The physical process begins with coating and sanding the canvas until it becomes a silky surface. Then she smooths on a traditional red paint, lays the gold or silver leaf, and coat it with layers of varnish.

Using the finest quality sable brushes, Carolyn paints layer upon layer of paint and varnish developing the image until it culminates in a moment of light!

Carolyn's biggest inspiration is her grandaughter who paints anything and everything she can imagine.

Hyatt Valencia, Valencia, California
Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada
Comerica Bank, San Francisco and Newport Beach, California
Green Valley Ranch Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada
Pinnacle Resort, Lake charles, Louisiana
Avila Resort, Avila Beach , California
Ritz Carlton Resort, Dana Point, California
Checkers' Hotel, Los Angeles, California
Mariott Hotel, Anahiem, California
Doral Hotel, Chicago, Illinois
Regency Hotel, San Diego, California
Del Web, Phoenix, Arizona
City of Laguna Beach, Laguna Beach, California
Bal Seal Engineering, Inc., Foothill Ranch, California
City of Fullerton, Fullerton, California
City of Santa Fe Springs, Business Park, Santa Fe Springs, California
Mariott Corporation, Scottsdale, Arizona
Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Omni Interlocken, Boulder Colorado
Chandler Center for the Arts, Chandler, Arizona
Laguna Medical Systems , Laguna Beach, Miami, New York
Baldwin Family Foundation, Newport Beach, California
Comerica Bank, San Francisco, California
Green Valley Ranch Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada