Chris Hanson


Chris Hanson studied art in London and was influenced by the work of Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter, Sam Francis, and Mark Rothko. In his work, he experiments with expressionism and abstraction and prefers to express his emotions rather than illustrating them. He tries to capture the artistic moment with an active painting style, moving around the canvas.
The paintings are developed from an accumulation of intuitive and spontaneous reactive gestures of applying paint. The paintings come into existence by a combination of unpredictable occasions of pure chance, and the influence of outside sources. When making abstract work, belief and commitment are essential to the development and maturity in a painting with lasting character.
A common theme is the element of chance and lack of suggestion of specific content, as the painting reveals itself to both the painter and the viewer differently, giving the images a life of their own. Many of the paintings are created by adding pools, drips, and splatters of color to previous layers of paint that allows for an intimate complexity. The use of space in loose configurations facilitates the balance of color.