Eon Burchman

Throughout his life, Eon Burchman has surrounded himself with creativity in a family of artists and musicians. At the age of eight he picked up the guitar and began to take music as a main focus. Through High School and College Eon focused on the guitar and jazz improvisation. He also assisted his mother Carolyn Reynolds in her creative process on public art projects. These consisted of combining steel figures, fabric and various sculpture with texture mediums and painting concepts. Eon assisted Carolyn in the discovery of working with gold leaf on canvas, learning through experimentation and refinement of this process. This unique blend of medium rapidly grew in appreciation and public demand. Eon immersed himself further in technique and process and was able to partially fund his music studies, receiving a Masters in Jazz Music Studies. He eventually began to paint his own pieces working with gold leaf on canvas as a basis for his images. His work was displayed along side Carolyn at art festivals and in galleries.

Living in Southern California, Eon has received recognition through magazine articles and press releases. He has expressed his love and appreciation for natural landscapes and seascapes in his work on both gold and silver leaf. Even though he focuses on this multi medium, Eon continues exploring new combinations of materials and imagery to find new ways create his visions.