Chris Hanson String Theory Exhibition September 15th-October 31st

Born in San Francisco Chris  studied art in London and was influenced by the work of Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter, and Sam Francis. “String Theory” is the title of this collection of paintings, and refers to a theoretical framework in physics which addresses how all things are related and connected at the most basic level. 

Chris references the abstract style of Jackson Pollock and the contemporary colors of Sam Francis in his work. He experiments with expressionism, abstraction, color contrast interaction, and texture. Chris uses this style as a medium to express his emotions rather than illustrating them. He strives to capture natural and raw emotion with an active and intuitive painting style. He paints from above, moving in all directions, often painting beyond the boundaries of the canvas 

The paintings develop from an accumulation of intuitive and spontaneous motions. The paintings take shape by a combination of unpredictable actions, and the influence of personal variables. When making an abstract piece, belief and commitment are essential to the development, depth, and maturity in a painting with lasting character. 

A common theme in the work is the element of chance and lack of suggestion of specific content. The painting reveals itself to both the painter and the viewer differently, giving the images a life of their own. An intimate three-dimensional complexity is developed by dripping, pooling, splattering, and layering colors. The use of space in loose configurations facilitates the contrast of colors and overall balance of the painting.